YBF2 flameproof motor for fan
YBF2 series flameproof three phase asynchronous motor for fan is specially designed for flameproof fan, which mainly used at places such as coal mines, petrochemical industry and chemical industry, where the atmosphere may contain flammable gases. YB2 series motors have the features of high efficiency, safety and reliable, low noise etc. The flameproof performance of YBF2 series motors are comply with Chinese National Standard GB3836.1一2010 , and GB3836.2-2010 , also comply with IEC 60079一0& IEC 60079一1. We supply YBF2 series motors with Ex marking Exdl, ExdII AT4 and ExdII BT4, ExdI is intended for mines where the atmosphere, in addition to firedamp, may contain significant proportions of other flammable gases; While ExdII AT4 and ExdII BT4 are intended for use in places with an explosive gas atmosphere other than mines susceptible to firedamp, A denotes a typical gas is propane, B means a typical gas is ethylene, and the atmosphere temperature is T1,T2, T3, T4.