YBVP2 variable frequency flameproof motor
YBVP2 series variable frequency adjustable一speed converter-fed flameproof three phase asynchronous motor is designed on the basis of YB2 series flameproof motors. In order to achieve the purpose of energy saving and automatic control in the system with frequency conversion device, YBVP2 series motor could adjust speed stepless. It has features as squirrel cage type, reliable operation, and easy maintenance and so on. An independent cooling fan ensures the motor has good cooling effect in different speed. YBVP2 series motor are suitable for transmissions of different kinds, mainly used in coal, oil and natural gas, petrochemical and chemical industries, usually used to drive pumps, fans, compressors and other transmission machinery. YBVP2 series motor could marked as Exd I、Exd II AT4 or Exd II BT4. Exd I is applied In the non一excavation working condition and coal mine with methane or coal dust, Exd II AT4 and Exd II BT4 are applied in the condition of explosion一 proof gas compound with Factory II type, Grade A&B, temperature T1,T2, T3 and T4.