YBX3 premium efficiency flameproof motor
YBX3 series premium efficiency flameproof three phase asynchronous motor is totally enclosed, self fan cooling, squirrel cage type. The efficiency class is in accordance with Chinese national standard GB18613一2012 class II, as well as IEC60034一30 high efficiency standard(IE3). It has high operational safety, excellent performance, low noise and vibration and meets the need of environment protection. YBX3 series motor has the flameproof performance meeting the regulations of GB3836.1一2010 and GB3836.2一2010 , as well as IEC79一1. YBX3 series motor could marked as Exd I,Exd H AT4 or Exd H BT4. Exd I is applied in the non一excavation working condition and coal mine with methane or coal dust, Exd II AT4 and Exd II BT4 are applied in the condition of explosion一proof gas compound with Factory II type, Grade A&B, temperature T1 .T2, T3 and T4.